Friday, February 29, 2008

The Beginning

So this is my beginning. Not the beginning of my life, obviously, but the beginning of my blog adventures. It's my way of saying, "hey, I know I'm interesting, and I know you want to read about my day to day experiences, so here you are. You, my fans, can read about the things I find interesting, annoying, sad...whatever." I'm very excited about this blog. I wish I coud say that this was entirely my idea, but my brother's blog is what inspired me to start.

So lets get down to business. Who am I? You want to know and I want to tell you. I am a 24 year old female, currently on a path to becoming, quite possibly, the greatest bowler of my generation. Bowling is my passion, it's what keeps me going when my life seems to be going no where. However, at this time, I am unable to reveal my current average. I feel that my average is not a reflection of my skills as I am still learning the best forms.

Other than bowling, my life is pretty much normal. I live with my sister because I was fired from my last job and left with no motivation to find another one. That was 2 months ago...december 31st to be exact. I can't really go into the details of why I got fired, but lets just say it was for a ridiculous reason. The life of unemployment is nothing short of amazing, I have loved every minute of it. However, I'm at the point where my bank account is not only dwindling, but full of money that isn't even technically mine. Therefore I have given into "the man" as they call it, and rejoined the work force. I haven't actually started yet, but I will next wednesday, March 5th, 2008. It is a new restaurant called Boston's. The owners are franchisees who, so far, seem to be nice, but we'll give it time. The restaurant was started in Canada. It is also a sports bar. I could care less about sports, but if you want to come in and spend hundreds of dollars on alcohol while watching your favorite sport and your favorite team, play some game that involves a ball of some sort...well, far be it from me to stop you.

Let's talk about my education now. I have spent the last 5 and a half years, currently going on 6, trying to get a bachelors degree. I think it's pathetic that it is taking me so long, but I can't quit...mostly because my parents would kill me, but also because I've already put a lot of money into it. I'm a psychology major, which means it is vital that I become a professional bowler. You see, if you want a decent paying job in the field of psychology, you have to go all the way...which, with my track record could mean up to 10 more years in school. Just talking about it makes me want to vomit. Anyhow, I am currently trying to get through my last semester which consists of 6 units.

Well, that's pretty much all I have to say for now. Hopefully somebody out there will read this.


cadiz12 said...

i totally hear you on the dwindly-yet-bursting-with-already-spent-cash bank account. all the more reason for you to hit the lanes as a pro. at least you have a job in the meantime.

just beware: i got laid off by a canadian-based company last summer. those particular canadians were more interested in coming to chicago to buy nongovernmentally regulated booze than to offer us any condolences on the fact that we were no longer going to have a paycheck.

welcome to the wide world of blogging. i hope you like it here.

Sean Finley said...

hey cool blog...right. actually blogs are kinda lame but I feel obligated to leave you a comment because i dont want you to feel bad when none of "your fans" read it, so there. i bet i know what the next comment is gonna be... its gonna start like-
Girl...(then you know the rest.)

Jon said...

Girl, that Sean Finley is amazing! how did he know that I start every comment with "girl?"

I'm awestruck... Also, since I'm inspiring you to blog (thanks for the credit on that by the way), I feel obligated to inform you that I'm not very good at it. Hopefully no one will judge you based on your biological association with me.

Word of advice, don't be irregular like me, it brings more death threats than just posting on a regular basis.

Syar said...

Hallo. I'm guessing you're the anonymous sister that commented on the lack of posting on your cat 'Scar'?

All I can say is welcome to the big bad blogging world! And that I will try my very best not to have preconceived notions of your posting habits just because you're Jon's (he who posts only every leap year) sister. I see you already have two posts, and that is very impressive.