Friday, September 2, 2011


I had the day off today, so naturally I spent the day making business cards for a friend that never asked me to, nor implied that she needed or wanted them. But I have my reasons, and they are personal.

When my brother got home, I showed him the business cards. After admitting to taking yet another trip to a store I've been frequenting lately, in order to make said business cards, he began to wonder how I could turn this problem into profit.

So my question is, how much would you pay? Keep in mind I'm fragile, and while I hope you're being honest in your answers, I'm not looking for honesty as much as I am compliments.

Sorry you can't read the fine print. I'm not an amateur photographer like my brother and his wife to be ( IN 15 DAYS!). So if you're interested, here's what it says.

top left:
Bad Ass.

lower left:
You want me.
Come find me.

Yeah, she's a bowler too. We're basically sisters from different misters . . . also, we don't have the same mother.


Anonymous said...


Office Depot is selling buiness cards - a box of 250 is $50.

cadiz12 said...

The robot w the mustache is my fave.
I'd pay eleventy dollars. Those are some sweet cards!

Anonymous said...

First of all, it would be awesome if someone made me good looking business cards like that. Second of all, it wold be awesome if someone made me god looking business cards like that.

Anonymous said...

I think they look great! I think you could sell your custom business card making services on etsy. Find out how much regular business cards cost and go from there. These might make good stocking stuffers for certain siblings of yours, hint, hint.

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

afrese3393 said...

madelyn i love you (:
my business cards are AMAZING "D
definitely my sister from another mister <3
-Mustache Mystery!

Madelyn said...

Aw man, did I spell your last name wrong. That's what I was most afraid of . . . damn our schedules for not putting last names!

afrese3393 said...

lol (: its okay :D
doesnt make em less awesome!

Anonymous said...

Extremely cool. I have no idea what most business cards go for, but I'd pay 30-40 bucks. I'm also tremendously cheap (though I prefer the term frugal), and not someone who would normally buy business cards. So that's saying something.