Saturday, July 19, 2008


Tomorrow I leave for San Francisco! I'm not moving tomorrow, but I'm going for a visit and I am super excited. Plans for fun during my visit are as follows:

Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge

Swimming in the Bay - - - you say it's illegal, I say that only increases it's fun

Staying the night in Alcatraz - - - this isn't for sure yet, but once we swim in the bay, they will either throw us in there, or we'll sneak in since that is our swimming destination.

Looking at apartments - - - we still don't have one yet, and I'm getting desperate.

Stealing one million dollars - - - this will solve my budget problem, making it easier to find an apartment.

Applying for jobs at restaurants - - - I already have one job, but want to have two in order to get rid of that pesky free time I will have.

Seeing the new Batman movie - - - if everyone else is doing it, I might as well. Plus maybe I will learn something from the Joker that will help me steal that 1 million dollars I mentioned before.

Eat Cotton Candy - - - I just really like the stuff.

Go to the Fishermans Wharf - - - I want to see it because that is where I will be working.

So far that is all, but who knows what kind of crazy shinnanigans the three of us will get into. After all, we are one wild group.


MommaLove said...

One wild group, huh? oh, yeah... I can see that... sure... HA HA! Have a blast and find a great apartment so I can come stay and visit sometime! Hugs! Momma Love!

cadiz12 said...

very cool to know you already have one job. when i was there the temperature fluctuated wildly in the course of one day, so i was glad i dressed in layers.

have fun!