Thursday, April 9, 2009

3 truths and a lie

How well do you know me? Lets find out. It's time for another game of "Three Truths and a Lie"! Can you guess which one is the lie.

1.) I have what some might call a nervous tick. Whenever I am at work, and I walk by a fellow co-worker, instead of looking at them and smiling, I look at them and close one eye. I can't tell you why I do it, it just happens.

2.) I was so bored the other day, that I got my skateboard out of storage and attempted to do tricks on it for about 10 minutes, before giving up.

3.) Last week my boss told me he was going to start calling me "Cup Of Noodles" because I always eat them on my break.

4.) Although I have lost almost every driver's license that I've ever had, I still have my very first one.

Hopefully, I will stump all of you. I think I still owe Cadiz a prize for getting the last one I did correct. Don't worry Cadiz, you will have your prize.

Good Luck!


Jon said...

I'm pretty sure I'm over qualified to answer this, but I'm going to say that #3 is the lie. There's no way you bring food to a restaurant. That's just the definition of insanity. If I recall correctly, your first license was lost pretty quickly, prompting you to pay to get a new one, shortly after that, you found the original, so I'm pretty sure that one is true.

Brotha out!

cadiz12 said...

oooh, i'm going to get a prize?!? hurray!

i too think it's weird to bring food to a place that serves freshly made food. especially if what you're supposedly bringing is Cup O Noodles.

do i get another prize?

Madelyn said...

It's like you don't even pay attention!

Amanda said...

So...... I am going with the nervous tick one. That seems terribly odd. I think that you do take food to work because if you ate the food at your work everyday you would be the size of a house. I feel like you do have your first license...... and I dont remember the other one. Nervous Tick...... Lie!!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta be that license. They know you by your first name at the DMV you have been down there so many times getting a new license.

No way you still have the original.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it's the skateboard one. While I'm sure you were bored the other day, you were also too lazy to go all the way over to storage to get your skateboard and practice on it. Besides that, you appear to be uninjured...

Madelyn said...

We have a winner! I did not get my skateboard out of storage and attempt to do tricks for ten minutes before giving up.

As for the cup o noodles, I have been eating them every saturday on my break, BECAUSE I gave up BJ's for lent as I had mentioned in a previous post. However, Amanda is correct in saying that you can't eat restaurant food everyday without becoming as big as a house.

The nervous tick thing is completely true. I don't know why I do it, and I have tried to stop but I can't help it.

As for my first driver's license, I really do have it. Although, like Jon said I did lose it at one point, ordered another one, and then found the original.

Congratulations to the winner, although I'm pretty sure it's my mom and she sort of has an advantage over the other guessers.

Amanda said...

Agreed....... You winner is a cheater. We did not have that kind of access to you and your activities. I deem her disqualified or at least ineligable.

Anonymous said...

You COULD have done the skateboard thing while I was out or when you went "out," and I wouldn't have known. It was just an educated guess.

Madelyn said...

somebody's awfully defensive.

Anonymous said...