Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Long time no post

Well, it sure has been a while since my last post hasn't it? Soooooo much has happened since September 25th!

Since my memory is going in my old age of 25 I will start with the most recent events and hope more will come back to me through out my writing.

Most recently it was my roommates birthday. On October 10th he turned 23. His girlfriend and I had plans, BIG plans. She wanted to make a scavenger hunt for him that would last all day long. We spent weeks, nay months coming up with clues that rhymed. Okay, so we thought up most of them minutes before he woke up that day. What can I say, we work well under pressure.

We began by leaving him a note on the bathroom mirror. We also decorated the bathroom with balloons. Anna (his girlfriend, my bestfriend/ roommate) blew up most of them as I was exhausted from work the day before. The note on the mirror instructed him to take a shower, get dressed, and head to the car to find his first clue.

With each clue we left a gift. We had several gifts from various people in his life. I was in charge of leaving the clues at each location. We only told him where the first clue was, after that, each clue was hint for the location of his next clue.

We tried to be as clever as possible, which, if you ask me was pretty damn clever. The location of these clues were as follows: A big slide by our house where he once passed out after going down backwards (yeah it's that big), Mimi's cafe, In N Out Burger, his locker at In N Out burger (he's sort of a VIP customer there, and VIP's all get lockers), the sidewalk outside of the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum. . . which is wonderful by the way . . . , our friend Dick, and finally we just gave him the last clue at dinner.

It was a long day that didn't go quite the way we planned, but was still amazingly fun. It was also very tiring and I had to work at 5 am the next day.

Other than that our apartment has sort of been like a hotel the last week. Anna's mom came to stay for about 5 days, and then Bo's family was here for about 5 days. Note to everybody (never offer room service as a joke . . . some people won't know you're joking, and making grilled cheese sandwiches at 3 am is no fun at all!)

We also got to go on a boat tour around Alcatraz Island last Wednesday. It was really cool, and very informative. I finally got to see the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time on this tour, plus I got to see Alcatraz up close. We didn't actually get to go on the island, but we'll do that another day I'm sure.

Now, Let's recap . . . Birthday adventure, families in and out of our apartment and Boat Tour around Alcatraz Island.

The only other thing I can think of is that October 9th - 14th was Fleet week. So basically Fisherman's Wharf has been even more insane than usual. But it's over now, and I couldn't be more happy. Things are finally getting back to normal in my life and it feels so good.


cadiz12 said...

that scavenger hunt sounds pretty sweet. you guys really know how to celebrate birthdays in style.

suddenly i'm craving a grilled cheese sandwich. i wish this office had room service...

Anonymous said...

Did you know that this is the 942nd anniversary of the Battle of Hastings?

King Harold was killed in the fighting and lost England to William the Conqueror.

Too bad.

Anonymous said...

25 is old. When did that happen?