Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things That I love

How do I love you, oh let me count the ways.

I've decided to celebrate Valentines day by talking about the things that I love.

1.) I love News Radio (Bill McNeal is my hero)

2.) I love The Office.

3.) I love my cat Spencer (who sort of likes me back).

4.) I love my Matix Jacket, best 30 bucks I ever spent (on clothes).

5.) I love Red Vines ( Black licorice is disgusting and I don't understand the people who eat it. Probably the same people that drink beer, and eat . . . and eat . . . other stuff that tastes gross).

6.) I love caffeine . . . or rather the headaches that it prevents.

7.) I love a good pen. One that looks cool, and writes in an awesome kind of way . . . you know what I mean. (I just bought a 12 pack of cool pens, they are pink, and by purchasing them I helped support breast cancer. Yea me).

8.) I love cold bottles of Aquafina in the fridge. (Dasani is also acceptable)*

9.) I love that I bought gas two weeks ago, and I still have half a tank. (That's Ventura Baby! . . . it could also be my lack of a social life, it's too hard to tell right now.)

10.) Finally, I love pajama pants. Whether they be sweats, scrubs, or flannel, I love them.

FYI - I do love other things, like my family and friends or whatever, but these are the things that have kept me sane recently.

In conclusion, I celebrate my love for these things, and ask them to be my Valentines.

* I know what you're thinking, "cold bottles of Aquafina in the fridge?, If they are in the fridge doesn't that mean they are cold? Why do you have to say cold bottles in the fridge, you sound like a moron." Well NO, Bottles of Aquafina in the fridge does not automatically equal cold bottles of Aquafina. For instance what if they were just put in there? That means they aren't cold yet, so yeah, I did need to say " cold bottles of Aquafina in the fridge.


your brother's gf said...

you and your brother have so much in common (right down to the brand of water you like).

Anonymous said...

I think you have #6 backwards...