Monday, September 28, 2009

No interesting material required

It seems that every blog I follow had a new post today. I feel it's a sign that I too, must post. Do I have anything interesting to say? No, not at all. So I'll just take you through my day. Prepare to be bored.

9:30 am - Woke up without the help of an alarm clock. Realized I didn't have to be awake yet, went back to sleep.

10 am - Alarm clock went off, I hit the snooze.

10:05 am - Really tired but can't stop thinking that any minute my alarm is going to go off again and I will have to wake up and get ready for work. So I just get up.

10:06 am - Brush my teeth.

10:09 am - Turn shower on, then proceed to take shower.

10:19 am - get dressed, brush hair, lotion up.

10:25 - check e-mail, facebook, twitter . . . the usual.

10:35 - Leave apartment, lock door, walk down to car, start car, leave parking lot, etcetera.

10:40 am - Stop at 7 11 for much needed caffeinated beverage.

10:42 am - Walk to counter to purchase caffeinated beverage, girl behind counter annoys me insisting that I was just there purchasing the exact same drink. I use my bachelors degree in Psychology to assess that she is crazy. She keeps talking, her coworker gets involved. I think to myself "please just take my money and give me my change so I can go." Eventually this happens. Leave extremely annoyed but excited about my caffeinated beverage.

10:45 am - Drive to work.

11:03 am - Enter building I work in, still feeling tired, and wondering once again if there was actually any caffeine in my so called "caffeinated beverage".

11:06 am - Steal Dear Abby and Word Jumble from place of businesses Newspaper.

11:08 am - Skim Dear Abby for interesting problem. No luck, proceed to solve word Jumble.

11:10 - Word Jumble solved. Yes, I am a genius.

11:15 - Begin work.

Unfortunately, I cannot go into detail about my work day, sworn to secrecy.

2:45 pm - Finish work day. Drive home.

3:15 pm - Eat lunch.

3:30 pm - Check e-mail, facebook, twitter.

4:00 pm - Fall asleep from doing exhausting top secret work for three hours.

6:30 pm - Get ready for gym.

6:45 pm - Leave for gym. Wave to lovely old lady who lives next door to me and often sits outside with what I can only assume is her bff and talks.

7:00 pm - Arrive at gym, walk to treadmill. Adjust my shoes, retie them, strap on ipod, turn on music and run 2 miles.

7:30 pm - Begin weight lifting portion of gym time. Sculpt my legs to perfection, conveniently forget to stretch, and leave gym.

8:00 pm - Drive to Walmart to buy some food.

What I purchased at Walmart : Ice, Starbucks Frappucinos, toothpicks, 2 red bell peppers, 2 onions, 1 box multigrain farfalle pasta, 1 package gum, mushrooms, plastic cups (red), 1 box twinkies, 1 box hostess cupcakes.

No, I'm not proud of those last two things . . . But DAMNIT there was candy everywhere because of halloween, I was only born with so much will power.

8:30 pm - Drive home.

8:40 pm - Arrive home. Struggle to carry all grocery bags up at once to avoid second trip. Look for old ladies, but they must have gone inside.

8:45 pm - Put groceries away, wash dishes.

9:00 pm - Take another shower.

9:10 pm - Cook dinner.

9:30 pm - Eat delicious dinner while watching "How I Met Your Mother" online.

10:00 pm - Fight urge to eat entire box of hostess cupcakes and twinkies. Instead, have one of each.

10:15 pm - Read the blogs I follow . . . surprised to see that all of them have posted today. Decide to come up with my own post, no matter how boring it is.

10:30 - Begin writing post, and trying to recall events of the day.

11:29 - Finish post, realizing how boring my day was.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. No interesting material required... you may be on to something here. Maybe I should just post something boring every day just for the sake of posting.

Not that this is boring. In fact, I find the sworn to secrecy occupation quite intriguing.

Will said...

this is the most brilliant post i've ever read... you've succeeded in making everyone who read it (me and cofo) suffer through sleepless trying to figure out your top secret job...

rest of the day may be boring, but that stretch in the late morning/early afternoon is mired in intrigue, adventure and potential madness...

i think you're like jennifer lopez in the cell, except you don't have a recording career (you don't, do you?)

why haven't i been following you all these months?

Madelyn said...

Cofo - I've often wondered if I were to just post nonsense everyday how it would affect the number of hits i get. Positively or negatively?

Will - Why haven't you been following me? I'm glad you enjoyed this post, you should check out my brothers blog too, it's almost as good as mine.

Will said...

there's a brother too? surely not! surely there can be only one blogger allowed per family! (much like there can be only one immortal a la highlander)...

i'm going to check him out right now...

Anonymous said...

I thought it was very interesting...

Anonymous said...

I wish I only had to work at a top-secret job for 3 hours a day.

Madelyn said...

Anonymous #1 - Thanks.

Anonymous #2 - 3 hours of Top Secret work is often compared to 12 hours of ordinary work that everyone knows about. It only sounds nice, it's actually quite difficult . . . but I've said too much.

cadiz12 said...

10:05 am - Really tired but can't stop thinking that any minute my alarm is going to go off again and I will have to wake up and get ready for work. So I just get up.

oh how i wish i could just get up like that. i snooze and snooze until i am most certainly nearly late. EVERY TIME.

Madelyn said...

cadiz - Yeah, I'm compulsively early to things.