Monday, April 12, 2010


You know how I love to make lists . . .

1.) This morning I went out to my car and discovered someone had broken into it . . . okay so I had left the door unlocked, but still, they went in there when they weren't supposed to . . . but here's the weird part, they didn't take anything. They took off the faceplate for my cd player, they opened my new car charger and threw it somewhere else, they emptied out my wallet ( i know, i know, why was my wallet in there?), but didn't take any of the credit cards . . . it almost looked as though they were searching for something specific, but I just didn't have it. I think they might have taken a pack of gum though . . .

2.) I currently have Wii buying fever. Last week I was in San Diego visiting my sister for Easter. While there I also visited some friends, and one of them had the new Super Mario Brothers game for the Wii. I had been wanting to try it ever since I bought it for my brother for Christmas. So when he asked if I wanted to play I said "HELL YES I DO!" . . . I was very excited. I don't care much for video games, but I love those crazy Italian brothers. We played, and it was everything I had dreamed of and more . . . now I must have a Wii.

3.) Strawberries - who doesn't love them? I helped a friend with a top secret mission on Saturday and there were strawberries involved . . . that's all I can really say about that . . . but strawberries are delicious and I feel sorry for my friend who is allergic to them.

4.) Shake Well - Whenever I buy something that says shake well, I'm always worried that I'm not shaking it well enough. Especially when the bottle or container is filled to the top . . . I mean, there's only so much movement that will happen . . . am I right? Does anyone else feel this way? And why is it always shake well? Why couldn't it be "Shake . . . kind of"? Do companies ever exaggerate how much shaking actually needs to happen because they think it's better to shake it too much than not enough?

5.) Hippos - My oldest sister sent me some more crazy hippo items for Easter. I think this will have to be a separate post though, because you wouldn't believe it if I told you.

6.) My new phone - my new phone is doing better. Right after I posted last Monday on the subject I took it to another T- mobile in the area and they were much more helpful. They gave me a new battery (plus I got to keep my old one) and a new SD card. I haven't had any problems since then. Unfortunately, I did drop my phone right when I got there (before I went inside) and the phone got scratches on it. I'm still pretty upset about that.

7.) Wednesday is my half birthday . . . I will be accepting gifts at this time.

8.) Flight of The Conchords - I've been re-watching all the episodes recently . . . I love this show.

9.) Easter Candy - i've been eating too much of it.

10.) Veggie Delight - try it, it's delightful. ( See what I did there).


Anonymous said...

What will it take for you to learn to keep your wallet in a purse and not in your UNLOCKED car?? Do you think your "friend" might be behind this?

Madelyn said...

anon - it's not that i don't learn, it's just that after a few months i begin to trust again . . . so i guess i unlearn it. I've been locking my door everyday since it happened though, and bringing my purse inside.

and no, I don't think my "friend" had anything to do with it.

cadiz12 said...

you leave your car doors unlocked?

Madelyn said...

cadiz - I do now, but i wasn't before because I felt like it was safe not to and here's why :

1.) My apartment complex is called Hidden Oaks Village . . . and it is literally hidden. If you were coming to visit me you would probably have trouble finding it.

2.) The apt complex I live in also used to be strictly senior living, and most of it still is . . . wouldn't you feel safe?

3.) "Locked doors only keep honest people out" . . . think about it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for breaking into your car.

I was just looking for clues regarding your strawberry-y secret mission