Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I woke up this morning and realized that I forgot to post yesterday.

Am I ashamed of myself? Yes

Am I a huge hypocrite? Yes

Do I feel empty inside? Yes

Do I have a good excuse for what I've done? Maybe

Did anyone try to remind me to post via twitter? No

Did someone else NOT post again? Yes

Does he have a good excuse? Doubtful

Can we pretend today is Monday? You tell me.

Did it snow last night? Yes

Isn't it May though? Sure is.

Well then why is it still so cold? Probably because the world is about to end.

Am I going to talk about my garage sale adventure some more? No, no I don't think so.

Can I change "Post Every Monday For the Rest of the Year" to "Post Once a Week For the Rest of the Year"? Yes, I think I have that kind of power. . . . PoOnWeFoReYe (Poonweeforyee)?

Problem solved? Yes


Anonymous said...

I really look forward to your posts...

Anonymous said...

I hereby dub you an honorary member of the Club for People Who Say They're Going to Post Every Monday, but Don't (CluFoPeWhoSaTheGotoPoEvMoBuDo). We are growing very fast and are now up to a very impressive 2 members. Welcome!

Of course, I've already disqualified myself from PoOnWeFoReYee as well, but oh well. In other news, my comeback post is in the works. And by in the works, I mean I've gotten around to thinking, "man, I should really post something."

Anyway, see you at next week's club meeting!