Monday, April 28, 2008

Pet peeves

I went bowling last night for the first time in a while. I had a great time, and I had some okay games.

While I was there, I saw so many things that made me angry. Here they are:

1.) If there are four of you bowling on one lane, you probably don't need two balls per person. Pick one, and use it.

2.) Rolling the ball so that it hits the pins just after the pin sweeper goes up, is not only disrespectful, but isn't, nor has it ever been, funny.

3.) If you are an insecure girl, who is too scared to actually try a normal approach before throwing the ball, stay at home, or just watch your idiot boyfriend bowl from the sidelines.

4.) Walking up to the beginning of the lane and dropping the ball, isn't bowling. The ball isn't meant to go less than one mile per hour. And yes, that's why you didn't knock over any pins even though it wasn't a gutter ball.

5.) If you are there with your boy/girlfriend, I don't want to see you make out between frames...or ever for that matter.

6.) If you're waiting for the pins to reset, sit down, relax. DON"T effing wait on the approach! It's rude, and it makes me uncomfortable.

7.) If you refuse to wear the bowling alley shoes, guess what, you probably aren't going to want to use the balls they have there either. So don't bitch and moan about how gross the shoes are, because everything there is gross. If you're too good for the shoes you should probably spend your nights somewhere else.

8.) Just because your ball hooks like the pros, doesn't mean you're any good.

9.) I know I have amazing skills, but pointing and staring are both rude.

10.) Finally, and most importantly, when someone else is about go (throw the ball), don't run up there and go at the same time. It's rude! Wait your effing turn! I waited mine.

Okay, now that I've gotten those things off my chest I feel a lot better. I hope they made sense, but I also don't really care if they didn't, because I know what I mean. I also hope you learned a little something about proper bowling etiquette.


Anonymous said...

So what's the etiquette on celebrating a strike?

Is there a time limit?

Do you have to do a little dance?

Just wondering...

Madelyn said...

well, it depends on how long its been since your last strike, as well as the pin action that occured.
I prefer to do the classic fist in the air, with elbow slightly bent celebration.
Also, if you get a turkey, I like to pretend I'm a turkey for 3 - 8 seconds. That's really your call though.

Amanda said...

So here is the thing. You practically beg everyone to comment on your blog, but then you write a lot of stuff like this last blog. This blog about bowling and probably any blog about bowling is going to be vitually commentless. All of the things that "anger" you about the bowling alley.... those are the very things that make it fun for the rest of us that are perhaps not as talented as you at the game. Also, I believe that you being so annoyed with the bowling alley could all be avoided by going during the day. Its cheaper then anyway.

Anonymous said...

One of MY pet PEEVES is incorrect spelling...

Madelyn said...

I'm right there with you anonymous. I rarely spell things wrong though...and it could have been worse, like saying "you're mom is kind of a nag" when it should be "your mom is a nag".

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling "singled out" by that last comment...