Thursday, August 14, 2008

My move to Daly City

I'd like to take a break from my most recent adventure series to talk about my actual most recent adventure which was moving from San Diego to the Bay area.

I decided I was going to move here about 2 months ago. My friend Anna lives here, and I wanted to get out of Southern California and start a new adventure. Basically I made a huge decision as if it were no big deal, but life is all about taking risks right?

On Sunday I left San Diego and went to Ventura for a few days. Anna and her boy toy Bo were going to be in Ventura on Tuesday with a truck to help me take all my stuff. My dad had already come to San Diego the saturday prior to take all the stuff I couldn't fit in my car. It was a big help. My sister didn't want my stuff in her garage anymore so my dad was kind of a life saver.

On Tuesday we loaded everything into the rental truck and started our long journey towards Daly city. We had to make a few stops first though. You know, make our rounds at all the In N Outs. By the time we actually left it was about 4 o'clock.

The drive was long, really long. I kind of wanted to kill myself by the fifth hour. On the way we had to stop in Santa Cruz to pick up some of Anna's things that were stored in her cousins garage for a reason that isn't really worth telling you about. As it turns out her cousin lives in a house that's up a narrow windy road, with no street lights to help you see addresses. We spent about half an hour looking for the damn place. When we finally got there her cousin wasn't home. Luckily they hadn't locked there doors.

I'm guessing when her cousin got home that night it was a goldie locks type situation. You know . . . someones been sitting in my chair . . . someones been using my computer . . . etcetera etcetera.

Anna searched the house for her things with no success. She concluded that it must be in the garage. Now all she had to do was find that garage. It wasn't attached to the house, and it was pretty much pitch black outside. She finally found it and her and Bo went in with hesitation. They described the experience to me by comparing it to a scary movie. They heard noises and it took them a minute to find the light. They were sure that any minute someone was going to jump out at them with a knife.

Luckily that wasn't the case and they found her things! We carefully loaded it into the truck and got the hell out of there. We were on the final stretch of our journey and I couldn't get there fast enough. My back hurt, I was tired, hungry, and grumpy.

After what seemed like an eternity we arrived. Our apartment is at the top of a hill. the view is pretty much spectacular on a clear day. We are also on the top floor, but luckily no one is beneath us, it is just the garages. So we can make as much noise as we want! Sort of.

All we had to do now was unload everything. It's weird how you can think you don't have much stuff until you have to carry all of it up a flight of stairs. It took me about 6 trips. When I was finally done I was exhausted, but I was also hungry, so instead of going to bed, I ate 2 corn dogs. They were delicious.

Then I went to bed. End of story.


Anonymous said...

Wow, quite a trip.

Hope you had room for all your stuff in the new place.

Anonymous said...

San Fran, How exciting! I hope you like it up there. Do they get snow in the winter?

Madelyn said...

No, there is no snow in the winter, just fog. There is always fog.

All my stuff has fit okay.

cadiz12 said...

moving always sucks, but it sounds like a top of a hill with a view is a pretty sweet place to end up.