Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My most recent Adventure Part 1

This last month I have been to Bakersfield, San Francisco, and most recently, Chicago, Lisle Illinois, and Carmel Indiana.

My adventure begins on an evening flight to Midway airport. I had never drank alcohol on a plane before, but I felt that 4 hours was too long to be stuck in a cramped and smelly airplane sober. So I ordered a vodka sprite. I hadn't eaten much that day so it hit me quick, which is what I was going for. My sister was also on the plane with me and drinking as well. Before we knew it we were having a great time! We both had are headphones on, so we would write each other notes on my notebook. We each danced to our own music while playing Character Hangman.

What is character hangman you ask? Well, it's similar to regular hangman EXCEPT instead of stick figures we drew various characters such as a cowboy, a clown, a cat and much much more! I have the drawings if anyone ever wants to see them.

When we arrived in Chicago it was 1 am (central time) and we went to go meet our parents who were waiting for us as well as grab our bags. Unfortunately my sister had discovered her wallet was missing from her purse. If you've ever landed at Midway airport you probably already know their runways aren't very long so they slam on the brakes much harder than usual. We are guessing it fell out then.

After about an hour, the wallet was found and returned minus 40 dollars in cash, but that was a small price to pay for having an ID to get back to California.

We finally got to The Hotel Monaco, the first of many hotels we stayed in, at about 3 a.m. and we were in bed by 4. This gave us about eight hours to sleep, shower, and get the hell out of there by our check out time. Our room number was 1408 which I thought was a little creepy, but no one else really seemed to care. Luckily nothing scary happened during our stay. . . unless you count sleeping in the same room with my snoring parents.

Later that day we had lunch with my brother at a classy little joint you may know as Arby's. The meal was delicious which sort of goes without saying, and catching up with my big bro was all right too. Unfortunately he had a limited amount of time because he had to get back to work. So my family (minus 1 sister, and the only brother) and I trudged back to my brothers condo. Then my parents went to Naperville, a city where the hotels are cheaper and theres a lot less to do.

My sister and I were staying at the condo that night. When my brother returned from work he gave us the grand tour. This took less than a minute because the condo is similar to the size of a large walk in closet. Okay, I'm exaggerating a little, but it's pretty small. However, the view is amazing! You can see the river, the Hancock building, and several other tall buildings that aren't as important.

At around 7 in the evening we went to dinner with my brother and his girlfriend where we dined on slices of salami, some sort of green leaves, and thin crust pizza. It was pretty fancy shmancy for my taste.

We were then deserted by my brother and his girlfriend because they had better things to do than show us around the city. After all wasn't their presence at dinner enough? They said we were lucky to spend any time with them at all and quickly walked away as though we were hideous monsters they couldn't stand to look at anymore.

JUST KIDDING! Actually my brother's very sweet girlfriend had purchased tickets to a concert for my brother. It was for one of his favorite bands. Isn't that precious? Yes, yes it is.

My sister and I used our time away from them to take in a movie. We saw "Step Brothers" which I highly DON'T recommend! If you've seen the previews, you've seen all the funny parts. . . only the previews make them seem funnier than they actually are. I'm just glad my parents weren't there . . . it would have been really awkward.

When we got back to the condo my brother and his girlfriend had already returned. They said they really missed us, so they left the concert early. . . or something like that. We stayed up talking for a little while before hitting the sack. I slept on the couch and my sister slept on an air mattress. We could have shared the air mattress but I have personal space issues.

If you enjoyed reading about my most recent adventure part one, stay tuned for parts 2, 3, and possibly 4. I have a lot to cover and it only gets more exciting from here!


cadiz12 said...

too bad about Step Brothers; i guess i'll have to file it into the Semi-Pro category.

Amanda said...

Madelyn forgot to tell you all that we made Hang Man into a drinking game. Everytime you guessed a letter that was not in the word, you had to take a big sip of your drink. She also forgot to tell you that the "characters" were really a drunken mistake that we thought was hilarious and ran with.