Monday, May 11, 2009

Beer Class

Today I learned about Beer. I've never been interested in beer. Quite frankly I think it's gross. Apparently I was supposed to learn to like it in college, but I guess I can add that to the list of things I missed out on, even thought I attended one of the biggest party schools in Southern California.

Everyone has always told me, "just keep drinking it. Pretty soon you'll be drunk and you won't even taste it anymore. Eventually you will like it and you won't remember how disgusting you used to think it was."

But it never happened. The taste was always just too damn bad for me to keep going. Even when I kept drinking long enough to get a buzz, it still tasted terrible. I guess the effect of the alcohol was never enough motivation for me to keep trying. Especially when there are drinks out there that taste sooo much better. I think most people call these drinks "girly drinks". Which is fine by me, I mean, I'm a girl. Why shouldn't I be drinking something made for me! I certainly don't think I should be drinking "manly drinks", it might give people the wrong impression. Am I right?

But I digress.

So today I took this Beer Class. I work at a brewery, and although it's not exactly my dream job, I need to make the most of it while I'm there. Over the last 7 months that I've worked there all I've been able to tell our guests is that "We make our own beer, and it's real good, you should try it." . . . Not exactly the best salesmanship.

I should probably mention that the Beer Class was taught by one of the Bartenders at the restaurant, and the material was only covering the Beers offered at this restaurant chain. I didn't just sign up for some random class somewhere.

All in all the class was very helpful to me. I finally got to taste all the beers we serve, and for the first time I was able to taste the way they differ. You see, since I am not a beer drinker, I've always felt that every beer tastes the same . . . nasty. But if you taste a beer knowing what it is supposed to taste like, the subtle (subtle to me anyway) differences become much more obvious.

I still think beer is gross, but now, when a table asks about our beers, my knowledge will be much more plentiful.


Anonymous said...

Beer class - how cool is that?

Did you ask if any of the stuff they make there is brewed under the German Purity Act of 1516?

Madelyn said...

No dad, I didn't.

Anonymous said...

I can relate; I feel like I'm destined to order girly drinks forever. Unfortunately for me however, I happen to not be female.

Madelyn said...

Cofo - that is unfortunate. I am at least lucky enough to be able to order them and not get too much crap.

Amanda said...

One time, (actually several times) I took a beer class at Sea World (for the free beer). I even got a diploma. But, a few months later I received an e-mail from Budweiser stating that it was determined that I cheated on my final exam. Therefore, my diploma was deemed invalid. Oh so sad!!!

Madelyn said...

Amanda - seems like you always have difficulty getting diplomas.

Amanda said...