Saturday, December 12, 2009

Calm Down, You're in the Right Place. This is Madelyn's Blog. Is This Title Too Long? I'm Not Sure, I Kind of Feel Like it is, But Maybe I'm just Bein

Maybe my brother inspired me, or maybe I thought I would find a template with snow on it, like Syar, but I saw this template and really liked it.

However, I realize some of you may disagree. So, since i don't know how to put polls on my blog, I'll just ask you to tell me what you think.

Here are some things I'm concerned about:

a.) The original template should be the only template I ever use because it is the very essence of my blog.

b.) My readers will feel confused and think they've somehow gone to the wrong blog.

c.) Abandoning my old template is like abandoning my first born child ( if I had one).

d.) My fellow bloggers will lose all respect for me.

e.) I will forget about all this in an hour and not recognize my own blog the next time I log on.

Questions? Comments? Opinions? . . . Do tell.


Jon said...

I have to say I like it better than the other one, but that is mostly because reading white type on a black background gives me a headache.

If you want to know how to add a poll, let me know. It's not that hard.

Anonymous said...

What??? I'm so confused!!!

Syar said...

I like it, because it feels seasonal. Also, yes, I do like lighter backgrounds over darker backgrounds (also also, SORRY JON, I just changed my blog to be white on black, to maximize the snow effect, because Madelyn sort of suggested it). I'm not confused, because I read your blog on an RSS feed and then I click through to comment. So, I'm good.

Anonymous said...

I like it.

Anonymous said...

I've no doubt that I will learn to love it with time, but I sure will miss those polka-dots.

Madelyn said...

I really like it too.

cadiz12 said...

i like it too!