Monday, March 22, 2010


Today is the first official Monday of PoEvMoFoThReOfThYe. What is PoEvMoFoThReOfThYe, you ask?

Let me explain.

About a week ago . . . 9 days, if you want to get specific . . . a certain somebody posted a horrifying graph on his blog. Basically it showed how little he had blogged in the past few months . . . and every month, aside from November (NaBloPoMo) for that matter.

So I, being the genius that I am, came up with a solution. The Solution was PoEvMoFoThReOfThYe, or Post Every Monday For The Rest Of The Year.

He quickly agreed (with the persuasion of one of my amazing t-shirts), that it was a GREAT idea! Although, he only promised to post every Monday to the best of his ability. However, if he fails this mission, no custom made t-shirt will be awarded.

So stay tuned every Monday for a new post from both me and Cofo!


Jon said...

I read this as, "Poem of the year." I just ignored the letters that didn't fit into that. I was getting pretty disappointed by the "poem" until you clarified.

Everyone should post more. You need but lower your standards. I'm pretty sure I've nailed that aspect of posting.

Anonymous said...

So it begins...

You should get started on those T-shirts ASAP. You might need to show me some prototypes to keep me motivated.

Anonymous said...
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Jon said...

oh man, I don't even get to see the comment? Dung. Have you tried to have the internet translate it for you?