Friday, March 14, 2008


Okay, it has been a while since I last posted and I'm sorry about that, I will try not to let it happen again. I know reading my blog is the only thing you look forward to in your life, and I'm sorry I disappointed you the last seven days.

So, what's new with Madelyn? Well, I will tell you. I have been spending the last seven days training at my new job. The last three days we have been open for people the owners know, as well as the employees families and friends. All the food served was complimentary. It was just to let people taste how wonderful the food is so they will tell their friends. Word of mouth is our only means of advertisement.

It was also a way for us to practice our serving skills. I already know I'm an amazing server, but that is not true for all of the people that work there....unfortunately. I know this because Amanda, Steve, my friend Sean and I went to eat for free on wednesday and our server was terrible. In fact, possibly the worst service I've ever had in my dining experiences. The food was decent, but the cooks are also learning, and need to work on a few things.

The three days of "dress rehearsal" as the managers and trainers called it, was probably the most boring time of my life. We were only given two table sections, and usually only waited on one table during a shift. However, I can't complain because it helped me work on Boston's way of doing things. I tried my best and I think I did pretty well. I'm sucking up to the owner as much as possible in order to avoid getting fired yet again. I actually really like the owner. Her and her husband also own two Denny's, so last night I asked her if she was involved in sponsoring the PBA. She said she was, but that Denny's was going to end their sponsorship. I was appauled and begged her to try and stop it. Unfortunately I don't think there is much she can do. However, I sill think she's a nice person. A lot of people think she stresses easily, but I just say "wouldn't you if you were opening a brand new restaurant?" She also laughs at my jokes which is a big plus. . . Oh and her son, who is also the general manager lives in Larkspur Creek...which is the complex I live in with my sister. So we have things in common.

All in all things seem to be going well for me right now. I like living with my sister, and so far we haven't gotten in any fights yet. I guess it's because I'm pretty much her slave...but whatever. At least I have a bathroom in my room.


cadiz12 said...

wow, getting an in with the PBA is a great perk for working there. even if they're ending it, at least you still have a small chance to meet the movers and shakers.

Lia said...

I'm sure I would agree with Cadiz if I knew what the PBA was. Peanut Butter Authority? Probably Better Asparagus? (Just guessing because of the whole restaurant thing.)

Also, hi!