Friday, March 7, 2008


There's nothing as horrible as wanting to sleep, but not being able to. Why must we go through life being responsible? Why do things have to cost money? How do I get into the drug business? I'm just kidding about that last part...unless you know...then I want in.

Anyway, work is going well. I'm learning all about Boston's lingo. It's kind of annoying. Like everytime the trainers say "cool?" we all have to say "cool". There's nothing cool about it. We also have to say "May I" before asking a question. Like if we need a side of ranch, we have to say "Michelle May I?" (Michelle is just an example name, it does not apply in all situations)and then she has to say "yes you may".

Now for more interesting facts about this restaurant. We sell pitchers, and team pitchers...the team pitcher is huge, but you have to have a minimum of four drinkers to buy's two people for the regular pitcher. I'm pretty sure that the pitcher is 32 ounces and the team pitcher is 64 ounces, but don't hold me to that, I haven't studied very much. Oh, and guess what dad...they sell Beck's, only in the bottle though. They do have guiness on draft, which I thought was pretty cool.

Now for the pizza. It's supposedly amazing, although I have yet to try any. They say it has a bite in every bite...I know what you're thinking..."whaaaaat does that even mean?" Well apparently it means that every bit is a perfect bite, meaning you get every ingrediant in every bite. I can't say for sure that it's true, but they seemed pretty serious when we went over it.

Anyway, so far, so good with the job. My favorite thing to do at the meetings is whistle with my straw, and look around like everyone else while saying "What was that? Did anyone else hear that?" Other than that, the meetings are pretty boring, but at least I'm getting paid.

Other than that, life is good. My brother in law just had another Marine graduation thingy, so he'll be off for three weeks. I think he's excited, but it's hard to tell because every time he comes home he falls asleep in like 5 minutes. My sister is selling all kinds of furniture to suckers that are willing to pay for it. My cat Oscar may or may not be losing weight, I can't really tell. He still lives in the garage and all the neighbors know of him. I guess he takes after me...being popular and all. Oliver loves me the most now. He always wants me to hold him and pet him. Mandy says all he does is cry when I'm not here. As for Emerson, well, I think we just have a mutual dislike for each other.

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Anonymous said...

Becks is brewed under the German Purity Act of 1516, so you can't just send it over here in kegs - it will never be on tap. But bottles are good.

I hope the place turns out to be real popular and you get big crowds...

So maybe during your next meeting you should sit there with two straws in your nose?