Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ten Things That I did/Happened [to me] Yesterday

I Can't sleep and I'm hungry so I thought I'd make a list of ten random things that happened to me yesterday. (it is currently 4:05 am)

1.) I slept all the way through the night last night until 10:23 am, seven minutes before my alarm went off. I think that's weird.

2.) I went to Best Buy and discovered they don't do free installation on car stereos anymore. Deal breaker? Yes, yes it was.

3.) A friend of mine from Ventura called, and I found out she's engaged.

4.) I called my mom.

5.) I made rice Krispy treats . . . they needed more marshmallows.

6.) This girl at work who always snaps at people, broke my last straw and I said something to her.

Quick reneactment :

Her: " I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just very stringent at work."

Me : ( as I hesitated to respond I thought to myself, " you mean you want everyone to do everything for you. All you do is complain and it puts me in a bad mood" than I actually said " Yeah, but you don't have to snap at people."

She didn't say anything to me the rest of the day. I think I made my point.

7.) I ate some cup of noodles.

8.) I bought a scratcher and one 10 big ones. I'm not really sure what I'm going to buy first . . . probably a sandwich, maybe a pack of gum . . . the possibilities are endless really.

9.) I accidentally took chicken fettucini alfredo out to a table when it was supposed to just be regular fettucini alfredo (no chicken). Luckily, the mistake was caught in time, and no food needed to be remade. I would like to clarify that while I was the one that brought the chicken fettucini alfredo out to the table, I only did it because someone else gave it to me and told me where to go.

10.) I watched my usual dose of NewsRadio. ( I have finished watching the entire series from start to finish, and am now just randomly picking discs and watching them. After watching season 5 I would like to say, it's good to have Bill back . . . if only it was that simple to get Phil Hartman back.)

Do with that what you will . . . which for most my readers, if not all, will not involve commenting.


cadiz12 said...

i could go for some cup of noodles right now.

i don't think people realize how much comments, any old kind, can really make a blogger's day.

Madelyn said...

its true, sometimes I feel like I did this great post . . . and then nothing. Makes me want to give up.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up! I read this blog to find out what's happening with my little sis. I love cup o noodles and when I read that I thought "that sounds good right now" especially because I live in the frigid northeast and the snow will not end.

I love you.

Madelyn said...

Well, if you like cup o noodles, you can buy a 24 pack for under 7 dollars! Is that a deal or is that a deal? (hint, it is a deal). Plus that's here in the bay area, they are probably cheaper elsewhere . . . i think.