Friday, May 9, 2008

Does anyone need a wake up meow?

Every morning my brother-in-law leaves the house at a time in the morning most people never see intentionally. To be more exact it's about 5am, but don't hold me to that, it could be as early as 4. In fact I think when he leaves at 5 he's excited because he "gets to sleep in".

Well, when he leaves, my cat, who has been mentioned previously in one of my posts, gets out of the garage. He is allowed to go fact we encourage it during the day, but when he gets out before 5 AM we...or at least I, have a problem. . .

m - E - O - W ! M-E-E-E-E-O-W-W-WWW!!!

He meows* his little ass off until someone lets him in. Normally, I could just ignore him...but, he's so loud that he wakes the neighbors. My sister has talked to them about it and they aren't upset...just extremely annoyed. In fact, if I don't get up to let him in, some of them open THEIR garages so he'll shut-up.

So, if you're interested in a cat that can wake you up without fail every morning...even if you're on the third floor, I am starting the bidding at 100 dollars. Although, I would have to pay you in installments if that's ok...

Hmmmmmmm....maybe I could sell him to a farm, all I'd have to do his dress him up like a rooster.

* I would also like to mention that when he meows, it is as though he has never had a bite to eat, or that the world could very well be coming to an end. Another way to describe it would be a boy cat in heat (although he has been fixed).

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Anonymous said...

Tempting...but, NO!!!