Sunday, May 25, 2008

Simply a formality

Today I spent 4 hours with my fellow graduates for 3 seconds of glory. During that time I did feel pretty special though...that is until I heard about the much greater accomplishments some of my fellow students acheived .

All kidding aside, attending my graduation ceremony was definately worth it. I enjoyed all eyes on me ( and like a thousand other people), I enjoyed getting my name called (although it was slightly butchered as usual...Muller, not Madelyn) and I enjoyed being congratulated by the President and faculty of SDSU.

I wasn't going to walk originally, but something made me change my mind. It wasn't everyone telling me I would regret not doing it, or my sister's yelling at me about how I needed to do it or else! I think what really did it, was the fact that it would be a cheap mother's day gift. JUST KIDDING!

However, I had already bought the cap and gown so I could get my pictures taken, so I guess I just figured why not?

The only thing I didn't like about it was... the crowd, the fact that I had to pee really bad for most of it, my back hurting, the headache I got, and my empty stomach...otherwise, it was a good time!


Anonymous said...

That was the biggest graduation ceremony I ever attended. It was BIG.

But what's up with the SD State Alma Mater?

Hail, Montezuma
We with loyal hearts our homage pay.
Proud working and glorying
In the spirit of the Aztec name.
To thee, San Diego,
And the fond traditions, old and new,
A tribute raise of lasting praise and steadfast faith.
Hail, Montezuma.

Go Aztecs.

Madelyn said...

I don't know, that wwas the first time i ever heard it.

cadiz12 said...

congrats on your graduation! i think the best part of going to those things (aside from the person graduating) is often the speaker. was yours any good?

Madelyn said...

ummmm...there was no speaker. Kind of lame I know, but the ceremony was already long enough.