Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Future Glimpse

Today I was looking at my bank statement, and I thought, what if when I was 10, I was allowed to see one thing as a glimpse into my future and it was this bank statement.

I think this would be my thought process: (Remember, this is 10 year old me.)

1.) Wow, I have over a hundred dollars! Ima gonna be rich! (Say that last part with an Italian accent).

2.) Why did I need 40 gallons of gas? (I spent 41 dollars at the gas station, gas was like a dollar a gallon back then . . . you get it now.)

3.) I sure do shop at 7-Eleven a lot . . . probably buying candy.

4.) Starbucks? What is that? In chicago? Why the heck would I be in Chicago? I must have been visiting my cousins, we're probably besties.

5.) Who's Dominick and why do I keep buying things from him?

6.) What's a "PIN POS Purchase Fee"? They better be good for 25 cents!

Poor, stupid, 10 year old me.

Now picture this dude saying, "Ima gonna be rich!", with an Italian accent.


Anonymous said...

He would have an English or Scots accent...

cadiz12 said...

pretty much anything that guy says is going to be adorable.

Jon said...

10 year olds are so dumb.