Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let's get something straight here

Every time I go to the gym, I see this:

It drives me nuts. You can't hold on like that when you're suppose to be going uphill, it defeats the purpose.

I want to slap these stupid chicks.


Jon said...

I'll allow the slappage of said chicks. In fact, record it on video with your camera, then when you have enough chicks being slapped, splice them together in a 2 minute video. Be sure to turn and smile at the camera after each slap. They key will be finding the right song to play with this slap fest montage.

cadiz12 said...

but then how will they brag to their friends about how difficult a setting they used on the treadmill?

i always walk on those things for a long time. it makes it easier to focus on what's on tv.

Anonymous said...

Maybe when you see them it's at the end of a three hour long running session and they are just trying to stick it out? Also, did you know that SUPER long distance runners - the ones that run for DAYS straight - pee themselves? Well they do. That's why I don't use treadmills.