Monday, November 15, 2010

Tiny ear syndrome

Tiny ear syndrome. I have it. God forgot to take into account ipods when he designed my ears.

Most headphones don't stay in my ears . . . well, I guess I should say earbuds, rather than headphones.

This is mostly a problem when I run.

I remember when I first started exercising at a gym. I was 18, I had a discman and these kind of headphones:

They would also fall off my head during rigorous activity, plus they would bleed black ink onto my shirts (from sweating and whatnot).

Plus, my discman would skip with every step I took (while running that is). But that's not what we're talking about here.

I think ipods were already available at this time, but they were mostly for the rich and famous.

I purchased my first ipod when I was 21. I had just transferred to San Diego State and I wanted to fit in with all the ipod wearing students. They were so cool.

It was worth every penny. But I didn't spend a whole lot of time exercising back then, so it didn't really matter.

I feel like I'm getting off track here. What I'm trying to say is that earbuds are made for giant people ears.

I went looking for a new pair of headphones today, I wanted some that hang over your ears. That way they won't fall out when I run . . . which is my main problem.

I used to have a good pair, but I took them for granted. I threw them out when my apartment was attacked with bird mites because at one point they were crawling all over them and I didn't want to have bird mites crawl into my brain through my ears. You understand.

I thought I would just be able to go buy another pair when I needed them. I can't find them anymore.


Some of you might be thinking "What about those headphones with squishy covers that shape to your ear?"

(pardon my language) Those are bullshit, and they don't work.

Okay, I'm done venting.


Anonymous said...

Can you draw what you bird mite-infested pair looked like? (not the mites. Are the speakers over the ear as well, not inside? Just wondering.

Syar said...

Nothing at all to do with ears, but I just clicked Etsy and the front page was full of hippo treasures!!

Hippo plushie!

Hippo zipper pouch!

Hippo wall stickers!

I'd put more but I'm scared this is going to end up as spam.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jon could make you some custom ear buds when he is here at Christmas...

cadiz12 said...

as a fellow tiny-eared-ipod-earphone-sufferer, i second the suggestion that Jon make you a pair. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!
and once he has a mold of your ear canal, if you lose/break your in-earphones, he can just make another set!
ALSO, he can make really effective and wonderful custom earplugs so your ears aren't ringing for three days after a concert.

i'm telling you, your brother is cool.

Jon said...

I can confirm that Cadiz has very tiny ears. I felt like some sort of a giant when I compared my ear molds to hers. That's something I like to do, take ear molds of people and compare them. Let me know when you're ready to step up to the comfort and superiority that is my custom earphones.