Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas List/ Updated since originally posted

My brother's not the only one who needs to make a Christmas List. However, instead of just talking about how I need to do it, I'm going to post it, mostly because I know all of my blog readers want to get me a christmas gift, and I want to make sure that you guys get me something I want.

So here it is:

1.) Season 5 of The Office

Okay, I don't want this, but I think my mom might.

And my dad might want this.

I would get this for my brother if it weren't so expensive.

Hey look, something else for my mom. Too bad it's out of stock.

I would like to use this at work.

Am I too old for this?

This seems like something Cofo should have.

If this wasn't out of stock, I think I would get it for Cofo, Jon, Syar and Cadiz. Too bad.

This makes me laugh, but I don't want it.

This would be good for my oldest sister.

I think I really want this.

I feel like my older younger sister would like this.

Oooo, somewhere to keep my pearls. ( I don't really want this)

This not only seems unnecessary, but the price is ridiculous too. How is it they are out of stock?

Okay, well we've established I want one thing ( Season 5 of The Office), but honestly I can't think of anything else. So I guess I'll continue this another day . . . maybe I'll have more after my trip to Wal-Mart tonight.


Syar said...

If I weren't leaving Australia, and thus leaving my free Internet connection, I'd download the episodes for you and mail them to you, for sure. But alas.

That Swiss Army knife is crazier than I don't know what. That's not pocket-sized at all! I'd be scared to handle it considering the myriad of ways it could inadvertently cut me.

Jon said...

oh, I do want...

Now I just need a job to support my expensive puzzle habit... probably need one that supports the mortgage first... then the vacuum... dammit!!

Anonymous said...

Well this is good. I was wondering what to get the rest of your family for Christmas.

Demotivators are always awesome, but those ones are especially so. It's funny because it's true.