Saturday, November 7, 2009

I have an owie

Yesterday I was cutting a bagel in half with one of the very sharp knives I got from my older younger sister for my birthday. I guess I wasn't paying enough attention because this happened:

I know it looks minor, but I'm pretty sure it's the cut equivalent of a gunshot wound.

When your fingers are cut free you take them for granted. Simple things like typing or opening a Red Bull can be excruciatingly painful if you accidentally use the wrong finger. Don't even get me started about putting a band-aid on it. I've already tried this twice. Both times it was ruined as soon as I so much as washed my hands. AND THEN when I took it off, that part of my finger looked all white and dead like. So I gave up.

Right now I'm on hold with the DMV trying to get a handicap sticker. I'm pretty confident they won't turn me down. If I fail on the phone I think I'll just show them a picture of the knife that hurt me.

Don't get me wrong, I still love the knives.


Anonymous said...

Infection is the main danger. Be sure it is clean and you have put hydrogen peroxide on it.

Jon said...

I am your older brother and I am going to help you. It's time you learned about Super Glue as a medical aid. Make sure the cut is pressed together well, and then put a little dab across the whole thing. Ignore the initial sting, then move on with your life. That stuff will keep that wound closed up and infection free. You can wash it without problems and by the time it comes off, you'll be all healed. Trust me on this.

It may cause cancer though, who knows?

cadiz12 said...

DO NOT listen to your brother about the superglue. Use Liquid Stitches instead. and yes, finger cuts are the worst. i hope yours heals soon.

Jon said...

Liquid stitches is for people that care about medically approved products. It doesn't work nearly as well. It smells just as bad, but you'll be putting that stuff on 4-5 times a day. Who needs that kind of hassle?

Anonymous said...

I'm a little concerned with the discontinuity between the flesh wound and the weapon of choice.

But I'm definitely trying super glue the next time I get a cut.

Madelyn said...

Super glue it is! Sorry Cadiz, but i always listen to my brother . . . once you're married I'll take your word over his . . . yet another thing to look forward to.

Syar said...

Just a question: how can someone be your older younger sister? In your case, I mean. I thought you had two older sisters (and then Jon)? Am I totally wrong?

Anyway, I cut my fingers an awful lot, and also get painful little burns on them from accidentally grazing pizza pans from the oven. There are no good finger bandaids out there in the world. If they can print the Flinstones on them, they should also be flexible and can fit on fingers without being awkward or bunch and should be breathable (Bandaid skin is too much like corpse skin). Is that too much to ask, science?!

Madelyn said...

Syar - She's my older younger sister because she's older than me, but not the oldest sister.

Why don't they have any good finger band aids? I've been asking myself this for a very long time. Perhaps we should invent one and become extremely rich.