Friday, November 13, 2009


Laziness is waking up, really needing to pee, but holding it and trying to go back to sleep.

Laziness is spending ten minutes looking for a closer parking spot, instead of parking farther away and walking for 2 minutes.

Laziness is skipping a meal because you're out of food and the grocery store would require getting dressed, driving somewhere, picking out food, and then cooking it.

Laziness is watching "George Lopez" because the remote is on the other end of the couch.

Laziness is having disposable silverware, plates, bowls and cups because you don't want to have to wash real ones.

Laziness is having 2 gym memberships in 2 states because you're too lazy to send a certified letter to cancel one.

Laziness is writing a post about laziness because you're too lazy to come up with anything else.


Jon said...

That's still a lot of writing for a lazy person. I would have titled the post "Lazy." Then I would have drawn a picture of me sitting in a recliner with a puddle of drool on my shoulder.

Anonymous said...

I endorse this post.